Walk in the World with Grace and Ease

In a quiet room it is easier to be present and rested in your awareness, but what happens in the midst of a busy life? What can you do while navigating responsibilities, demands, surprises, diversions and interruptions when you need to focus, be fully conscious and think with ease under pressure?

Alpha-i courses offer unique proven methods that teach you how to bring conscious attention directly into day-to-day life, transform habituated mental patterns by exploring new perspectives and support you in discovering ease even in apparently stressful situations.

Everything we teach is designed to integrate with your busy lifestyle.

Just as regular exercise helps sustain good physical health, Alpha-i mind-body exercises that integrate into your daily life, support mental and emotional clarity that increase focus, resilience, creativity and reduce stress.

Whether you have tried traditional meditation in the past or never before you will find the Alpha-i program informative, practical and empowering. We start where you are, address your particular needs and work with the circumstances of your life.

Each of us has the ability to increase clarity and focus, reduce stress and to gracefully manage our lives.

Through the Alpha-i exercises you will become aware of the natural mechanism to regulate your nervous system, reduce stress, improve your relationships and achieve deep states of peace. If you are curious about the mind-body connection and ready to understand how simple practices can empower you to take charge of your everyday life experiences…through direct experience, you will learn why practitioners of meditation enjoy better health and a greater capacity to experience clarity, creativity and calm in the midst of a bustling 21st century life.

Alpha-i offers courses for both individuals and corporate clients.


From Patricia ~

“I believe personal sustainability is the foundation for our future. We are collectively facing the biggest challenge yet – how to live together sustainably on planet earth. My life has taught me over and over; one can wake up to the truth of their nature, stand firmly in the ground of their being and gracefully attend whatever arises. Alpha-i offers you the tools to integrate your personal inner exploration with your daily experiences to access Alpha Intelligence: the seamless flow of connection between intuition, thought and action.

What they are saying about…

Alpha-i has been invaluable program to help me to hone a clarity and connection to my native intelligence and intuition. This has allowed me to drop old patterns of thinking that no longer serve me and see the full scope of options available as I navigate in a high-demand work personal life. My relationships with work, myself, and the people I care about are stronger, and the results are better than I could have possibly imagined.
- Jason Dilg, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Program Director, Van Heyst Group

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